Reliable Energy Analysis

How to help your seller get more for their home, and how to help your buyer ensure they are buying a home with safe air quality

and good energy efficiency

Whole-House Home Energy Rating

Todays Home Buyers Are More Knowledgable Regarding California's Energy Codes

What Do Home Buyers Want?​

Commercial Real Estate

Effective January 1, 2017 energy discloser law AB802 now makes it much easier for property owners to access their buildings utilities cost. This can make it easier for the owners to lease &/or sale their property, assuming that the property has favorable utility cost. If not we can help assist the owner by performing a Duct Pressure Test to identify any possible leakages in the HVAC system, so they can repair them and have a favorable energy rating and lower utility cost. Which will make the property much easier to lease or sale.​​

According to the National Association of Realtors profile of Home Buyers. Ages 21-49 make up 59% of the home buying market, and the question they are asking is, "how efficient is the home?" of those asking 88% of them consider high-efficiency heating & cooling the most important energy efficiency feature of the home they intend to buy. Given that 30%-40% of our utilities bill is from running our heating & cooling systems it is understandable that this is their primary question. The only reliable way to have this question answered is to have a Duct Pressure Test done.

I wouldn't buy a car without knowing its

"miles per gallon" rating. So why would I 

​buy a home without knowing its

"Home Energy Rating"

               We are committed to continuously educating  ourselves and helping to educate others. We are available to answer any questions you may have and also to bring information to your team meetings.

Todays  buyers are becoming much more knowledgable regarding California Energy Codes. So much so that our company has been called by local heating and air companies that needed to retroactively purchase a building permit and have us do a HERS test & issue a HERS Certificate for an HVAC unit they installed 1-2 years ago. Why? because the home owners were selling their house and once the buyers were told the HVAC unit was installed only 1-2 years prior they asked to see the HERS Certificate. More & more buyers are aware that any HVAC unit installed after 2013 requires that a permit was issued and a HERS Certificate filed with the state of California, and they are wanting to see the energy rating of the HVAC unit prior to the close of escrow.



​A Whole-House Home Energy Rating is a comprehensive unbiased and pragmatic evaluation of the efficiency of the entire home, including a Blower Door Test and a Duct Pressure Test. A Whole-House HER gives insight into current and future utility cost and provides a reliable way to estimate and compare the energy efficiency of a home. The HERS report will contain detailed recommendations so that the home owner can learn about all the improvements that are cost-effective and appropriate for their particular home. Once these  smart energy upgrades and investments have been completed, they will increase the value of their home. A properly prepared Whole-House Home Energy Rating Report will receive an official California Home Energy Rating Certificate with the California Energy Commission's seal. The HER Certificate will give the home owner and the Real Estate Agent the additional information they need to alert appraisers to add more value for any energy improvements. Homes with a favorable HER will be more attractive to buyers. More information can be found in the California Home Energy Rating Booklet, by the California Energy Commission.